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I'm K.C. Worrall, and I'd love to be your interim innkeeper!

My husband Kirk and I have a passion for the hospitality business. I have 25 years of experience in hospitality management, from big hotels to small B and B's, and 7 years experience as a professional innsitter.

We bring innumerable skills to your door and enjoy getting to know each new guest and each new inn. We always try to pass on the unique "feel" of each B&B just as the owners would, so that every guest experience is pleasurable and every owners' experience is worry-free. With us as your interim innkeepers you may rest assured that your inn will be well run and your guests pampered.

After 12 years working at B & Bs, I am skilled in all aspects of running an efficient inn. As a professional innsitter, I know that being an innkeeper requires
attention to detail, gracious flexibility and the ability to wear many "hats" and "aprons" at the same time.
I will be "you" in your absence so that you can really relax and enjoy your time off.

My husband and I love to travel and would consider jobs anywhere. We enjoy researching the attractions of each new area and make a conscientious effort to pass that knowledge on to your guests. Although based in Northern Oregon, we've also been interim innkeepers in Washington, Hawaii, Colorado and New Mexico and look forward to seeing many new places in the future.
As world travelers in our personal life, we speak Spanish and French and would relish the opportunity to innsit abroad.

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Kirk ,a retired firefighter/ paramedic, takes special pride in helping me with services such as pet care, light yard work and maintenance.

With our gracious and professional innsitting service you can trust your bed and breakfast to us and have a care free time away.
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