K.C.'s Innsitting Service LLC
Rates & Memberships
Rates, Services & Memberships

My philosophy is that I am "you" in your absence. As such
I provide all the services that you would for one affordable

$125 per day for inclusive 24hr innsitting

[$150 per day if 5 or more rooms are occupied]

[$100 per day if 0 rooms are occupied]

- greeting and checking in guests
- concierge service and check-out
- reservations and bookkeeping
- staff supervision
- preparing and serving gourmet breakfast and other treats
- basic housekeeping and laundry
- pet sitting
- computer work, including QuickBooks, Webervations
and other online booking programs
- any other usual tasks
26 years experience in hospitality services
13 years experience in B&B management
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Hourly rate available for day jobs. There are no hidden fees or extra charges unless a housekeeper is unavailable and we do more than two "turn-over" cleans in one day. Then we charge $15 per each additional room.

Travel Costs: For jobs of three weeks or more, I will pay travel costs. Jobs of shorter duration may require help with travel costs.
Associate Member, Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild

Member, Interim Innkeepers Network

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